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The questions you should be asking every contractor.

The Denver Post printed an article containing a list of questions you should ask every perspective contractor. We thought we would answer those questions for you. The intent is to make your selection process easier and give you more confidence in the people you ultimately choose to work with.

1. What can I expect my project to cost?

This is a very common question.  All the spectacle of remodeling TV shows that perform construction magic has created both enthusiasm and confusion for most homeowners.  The TV contractors change tiny, decrepit sculleries into luxurious kitchens for a few thousand dollars and they get it done in a week.  The remodeling entertainment industry has skewed our reality.

The reality is a bit more complicated.  There are different levels of quality in almost every product in a kitchen or bath remodel.  Sometimes a basic quality product will serve the desired result of the project, but other times a custom design or custom finish is appropriate.  The overall scope of the project is significant to the final cost.  Removing walls to open a tiny kitchen into an awesome entertaining Great Room requires additional flooring, wiring, framing and construction, as well as more of all cabinetry and countertops.  The product quality is probably higher in larger projects.  

These and many other factors contribute to the final cost of your project.  A knowledgeable design consultant should be working for you.  That person will be able show you product and design options that will serve your purposes at all price levels.  Your designer will be able to find a reasonable compromise between the desired scope of the remodel, quality of products, and maintaining a realistic construction budget.

How to Estimate Your Budget

2. How long have you been in business?

This is an important question, considering that 90 percent of construction businesses close their doors in the first three years, sometimes leaving clients with unfinished projects. You'll be relieved to know that Kitchen Masters has been doing interior remodeling in our community for more than 36 years.

3. Have you completed a project like mine recently?

Chances are, we have. We renovate an average of 40 kitchens each year. They range from extensive projects with walls moved and plumbing relocated to simple cabinet and countertop replacements. We also remodel many bathrooms, family entertainment rooms, basements and other interior projects.

4. Can you provide a list of references?

Yes. We will be happy to provide a list of past clients who had a project similar to the one you are contemplating, so you will understand the total scope of the undertaking. We also encourage you to visit an ongoing or recently completed project—if only to see the quality of materials and workmanship for yourself. Ask the homeowner if the project was delivered on time and within budget. And be sure to ask about the overall courtesy and conscientiousness of the workers on the project.

5. To which professional associations do you belong?

We are a member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association, West Metro Chamber of Commerce, and SEN Kitchen and Bath Business Group. Our employees have served on the local Board of Directors. We are also members of the Better Business Bureau. We belong to these associations for your protection and because we believe we must adhere to a code of ethics and commit to continuing education to ensure you have the best-trained professionals working for you.

6. Will you be using subcontractors on this project?

Yes. We use a select group of screened contractors with whom we have a long working history. They adhere to the same high ethical standards as we do. Our in-house installers will complete much of the project. However, the electrical and plumbing segments of your project may require licensed professionals. Specialty tasks, such as granite countertops and hardwood refinishing, are best left to highly qualified trades people as well.

7. Are you licensed and registered with the state?

Yes. Kitchen Masters carries residential general contractor licenses in Lakewood and other Denver-metro communities. We are a registered corporation in good standing in Colorado.

8. Are you insured and covered by workers’ compensation?

Yes! We have business liability and workers’ compensation for every employee we bring to your property. What’s more, we require the same adherence to the law for all subcontractors to protect you from potential liability arising from unforeseen accidents or events on your property during the project.

9. Do you give written warranties?

Yes. Our one-year labor workmanship warranty is stated in every agreement.

10. Will my project require a permit?

It may. Each municipality has its own set of construction permit requirements and the complexity of your project will be a factor in that decision. Your project is unique and its permitting requirements will be determined individually.

11. What sort of questions should I ask a past client of yours?

  • Would you recommend this contractor?
  • Would you use this contractor again?
  • Were you happy with the outcome of your project?
  • Was the job completed on time?
  • Did the contractor keep you informed of the status of the job?
  • Were there any unexpected expenses?
  • Were the workers punctual?
  • Did workers clean up after finishing the job?

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