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7 Steps to Prepare for the First Day of Your Remodel

Sunday, May 29, 2016

1. Plan for meals during your kitchen remodel. Make and freeze several of your favorite meals in advance. Arrange for the contractor to set up your old refrigerator in a convenient place to keep the food frozen through the project. Set up a portable microwave to re-heat your frozen meals. Set up a crock pot to make a variety of one-pot meals. Take this opportunity to enjoy a few meals eating out. Perhaps, you can try that great new restaurant everyone is talking about. 

2. Review the contract and schedule with your contractor a week or so before the start date to make sure everything is on track and there are no unforeseen delays. This is a good time to ask about tasks you need to complete before the start of work. Any last minute changes can be discussed. 

3. Make arrangements for care and confinement of pets throughout the project. Your pet may have free rein of the house, but during construction, they are at risk of injury from falling materials, electrical wire, power tools, or being stepped on. Being left in the work zone, they put workers at risk of injury from tripping over them. Some workers are afraid of dogs, whether vicious or not. Pets can run out open doors while workers carry materials in or out of the house. Having a family pet run away to get lost, injured, or worse is a terrible way to start a project. 

4. Clean all personal possessions out of the remodel area of the house. Having a project delayed to dispose of your personal property can cause a job get behind a day or more before it even starts. A late start can have more far reaching effects further in the job if tradesmen schedules can’t be changed. 

 5. Move all furniture and plants out of the construction area and cover them during the project. Hire a moving company or make arrangements with your contractor to perform this service if you are unable to do it. 

6. Remove pictures, art work, and hanging objects from walls adjoining the work room. The workers don’t see what is on the other side of a wall until something falls and breaks. The vibration and pounding inevitably effects valuable and unreplaceable walls hangings.

7. Expect and plan for some inevitable construction dirt and dust outside the immediate work area. Even with the most diligent containment efforts, some dirt with escape. Workers are carrying materials in and out of the work area, often through other parts of the house. While lead abatement is in the news and must be properly addressed, carpentry dust and especially drywall dust are an on-going nuisance. 

8. BONUS IDEA! This may be the time to take a small trip. The tear out and rough construction is the dirtiest and most disruptive part of the remodel. You may just want to get away for a week or so. Leaving the work zone for a few days is not the most far-fetched idea.

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